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Vehicle Tracking GPS
Featuring Affordable GPS Tracking Products Since 2003
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The Number 1 Best and Most Affordable Real Time Vehicle Tracking System (It's as Good as Found)

Our GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Products

Motorcycle Tracker AT282 Real Time GPS Tracking
TR300 Theft Recovery Tracking Device (for car dealerships, etc)
The Cube GPS OBDII Port PlugIn Device (for Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships, etc)
Our Latest Brand New Device
Our Latest Brand New Device

GPS Fleet Tracking - VT300
  • View all your vehicles at once and check where they have traveled;
  • Receive detailed stop/move mileage/time reports weekly or monthly;
  • Detailed maps or satellite images, anywhere in USA, Mexico and Canada;
  • Intelligent dispatch capability - use GPS fleet tracking to find your closest vehicle;
  • Instantly locates to know a vehicle's location in between updates;
  • Disable the starter and prevent a vehicle from being driven;
  • Unlock your vehicles' doors from the Web or any telephone.

The SPOT Tracking Device

What is SPOT

A hand-held satellite communication & safety device that uses a revolutionary combination of reliable satellite messaging and GPS location technology.

How SPOT Works

Using the GPS satellite system, it determines your location and sends your message via the satellite network.

How You Use SPOT

- Activate & setup your SPOT account online.
- Manage your messages and accounts.

Your SPOT Messages

- Messages are rec'd by family & friends via cell or email.
- Track your progress on GoogleMaps and share with friends.

SPOT Emergency Response

Alerts the appropriate emergency responder based on your location.

More details on the SPOT Personal Tracker - Click Here!

No install required for SPOT
Brand New PT-X5-Live Personal Tracker GPS Tracking Device

Introducing the USFT PT-X5 : Truly LIVE tracking, updating every 10 seconds for up to 10 days on a single battery charge.

With the USFT PT-X5, you can watch in REAL TIME as the person walks or drives. Every move is recorded, so you can play it back up to 90 days later.

GPS Asset Tracking - AT352
  • Daily locate so you will know where your equipment is located;
  • Receive an alert if your equipment moves more than 1 mile (unauthorized movement alert);
  • Internal antennas (GPS/cellular);
  • 20 on-demand locates every month;
  • 24v converter (optional);
  • IO capabilities: sensor monitoring included;
  • Motion sensor wakes up tracking unit from sleep mode;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Continuous tracking at ½ hour intervals if 1 mile geofence is breached;
  • Starter Disable.

AT352 with 24 volt transformer (opt'l when needing to convert 24 volt to 12 volt power)

More Details on Asset Tracking AT352 - Click Here!

SmartOne Trailer Tracking Device

Designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered, fixed and movable assets, SmartOne is a practical solution to improve operating efficiency and security.

The ”Asset Ready” design allows it to be easily installed and field managed without the need for harnesses, antennas, or external power. The SMARTONE is powered by 2 or 4 “off-the-shelf” AA lithium batteries providing 3+ years of battery life and removes the need to purchase expensive proprietary batteries for replacement.

The SMARTONE utilizes motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and custom configured sensors to gather and transmit asset status information. Each SMARTONE is custom configured to track its asset's specific needs and provide intermediate and emergency alerts by email and/or text/cellular.


  • Quick installation using either industrial adhesives or screw mounts
  • Total packaged solution requires no harnesses, no external power and no external antenna
  • Change of location sensing sends alerts if asset moves outside of pre-determined range
  • Messaging cost reduction mode: reduced satellite messaging if asset remains in same location
  • Run time monitoring
  • Hardware on/off feature allows the unit to initiate GPS re-centering functionality


  • Open Door Sensor
  • Bare Wire Cable
  • USB Configuration Cable
  • Software configuration tool easily installs on PCs
  • Configures multiple units simultaneously

More details on the SmartOne Trailer Tracking Device - Click Here!

TR300 Theft Recovery Tracking Device Ideal for Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers - Click Here for more information!

AT282 Motorcycle, PWC & ATV Click Here for Info!

X5-CoPilot GPS Tracking and Navigation in One DeviceBrand New X5-CoPilot GPS Tracking and Navigation in One Device

Remotely set the destination through the web-based tracking system - enabling the device to guide your driver all the way to the door.

Tracks your vehicle LIVE everywhere it goes, ... allowing you to see it move, turn-by-turn, from any web browser.

..send and receive messages to/from your drivers. No delays. LIVE. In realtime.

Locate a GPS Installer or view our Installation Guide for the VT300 or AT352- Click Here!

Additional Information and GPS Tracking Device Ordering Information - Click Here!




Vehicle Tracking GPS
Featuring Affordable GPS Tracking Products Since 2003

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