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(Note: The VT180 is also great for tracking teenage drivers)

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GPS Teen Tracking & Monitoring

Every time a parent hands over the keys to their teen driver, they worry about the safety and actions of the newest driver in the household - and with good reason. Driver's Ed is not enough!

Drivers in the 16-22 year old age group are involved in more accidents and fatalities than all other age groups combined.* Even the best of kids find themselves in difficult situations, due to 3 main factors:

* Speed - excessive speed is cited as the number one reason for teen accidents/fatalities)

* Inexperience - a teen's mental and physical development are generally not on par with one another, and many teen drivers simply lack the core experience to successfully negotiate every traffic situation, weather condition, or bump in the road).

* Peer Pressure - add one or more friends to the car and the distraction can prove fatal. Many teens feel social pressures to show off, speed, or perform dangerous acts behind the wheel to impress their peers.

Don't think it can happen to your teen? Don't be so sure. Even though your teen may be the most diligent and law-abiding driver when you're in the car with them, how well will they manage on their own?

Our Affordable GPS allows you to lend a helping hand when your teen driver is behind the wheel, with features such as:

  • Location Request
  • Speed Parameters
  • Geo-fence
  • Remote enable/disabling features

* National Highway Traffic Safety Commission

More Information about Teens and Driving.

Parents are often relieved when their teen starts driving because they don't have to chauffeur them around anymore. However, as parents, we must consider 2 main factors that cause teen auto accidents are 1) immaturity and 2) inexperience. Teens are likely to engage in risky behavior, such as speeding, not wearing a seat belt, having other passengers in the vehicle, night driving, alcohol consumption, tail-gaiting, inappropriate passing and driver error. Young drivers tend to overestimate their own driving abilities and underestimate the dangers on the road.

The presence of passengers can further increase the risk by distractions and pressure to take risks. Teens often make poor decisions and seek thrills like speeding with passengers in the vehicle.

Even teens that usually follow the rules can be easily distracted or encouraged to take risks without constant monitoring. Statistics show that most fatally injured young drivers don't have prior traffic violations or crashes on their records. Teens will make their best independent decisions under supervision or while they are monitored with a tracking device.

Driver's education is important, but it does not reduce the need for additional training and monitoring. Unfortunately, the problem is that so many crashes involve the driver's attitude, not their skill. Don't rely solely on driver education. High school driver education may be the most convenient way to learn skills, but it doesn't produce safer drivers.

Constant supervision or monitoring with a GPS tracking system for at least the first year of driving can significantly reduce teen driver auto accidents. Most parents would find it impossible to always ride in the vehicle with their teen. Using a GPS tracking system has become a convenient way for parents to have peace of mind, and for their teen to have accountability while they are behind the wheel.

VT-390 New Lower Cost Teen Driver and Fleet Tracking

The standard low cost solution for Teenage drivers and installation based fleet tracking.

Installs in any vehicle in 30 minutes and allows comprehensive fleet tracking of all your vehicles in real-time, plus extensive reporting capabilities.

Software Features

  • View all your vehicles at once and check where they are and have traveled
  • Remotely disable the starter and prevent a vehicle from being driven*
  • Received detailed stop/move mileage/time reports weekly or monthly
  • Detailed maps or satellite images, anywhere in USA, Mexico and Canada
  • Intelligent dispatch capability - use GPS fleet tracking to find your closest vehicle (requires 2 or more units)
  • Unlock your vehicles' doors from the Web or any telephone*

*VT390 Version only


  • Fleet vehicle tracking at lowest cost/vehicle
  • Theft recovery
  • Consumer use great to track teenage drivers

Service Plan

  • Plans with updates available in 1,2, and 5 minutes intervals
  • No contracts, month-to-month billing, starting at $19.95 (Plans are $5 higher in Canada)

Track Your Teen Driver

Auto Accidents Are the #1 Cause of Death Among Teens Age 16-20

-- The National Highway Safety Administration

Accountability and monitoring significantly reduces the odds of your teen being involved in an accident. Using our system to track your teen can encourage that accountability.

Does monitoring my teen's driving appear as a lack of trust?

No. In fact, tracking teens has proven to actually embrace more trust because the parent does not have to question the teen or place as many restrictions on them.

Our tracking systems provide a balance of constant teen supervision through online mapping and reports, while allowing the teen the freedom and privacy that they deserve. It's like being in the passenger seat next to the driver without actually being there. GPS tracking can identify bad driving habits related to speed, seat belt usage, passengers in the vehicle, and whereabouts, etc. A GPS vehicle tracking device will allow the parent to correct potential problems that put teens at risk and will help them become a safe driver by habit.

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Vehicle Tracking GPS
Featuring Affordable GPS Tracking Products Since 2003

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