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The Number 1 Best and Most Affordable Real Time Vehicle Tracking System (It's as Good as Found)

Personal GPS Real Time Tracking

GPS Personal Real Time Tracking

Protect Your Family

A personal tracking system can allow you to monitor your vehicles and locate your family in an emergency. It can also notify you if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Personal tracking can help you keep your teen driver accountable.
Most importantly, it can give your family peace of mind.

Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones

A gps tracking system can allow you to keep an eye on your aging parents. It can help you locate them if they get lost or in the case of an emergency. A GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your loved ones.

Track Your Teen Driver

Auto Accidents Are the #1 Cause of Death Among Teens Age 16-20

-- The National Highway Safety Administration

Accountability and monitoring significantly reduces the odds of your teen being involved in an accident. Using our system to track your teen can encourage that accountability.

Find Out if Your Spouse is Cheating

Is this a concern of yours? A GPS Personal Tracking System can help you track your spouse to see if your concern is real or not. Using our tracker for personal surveillance can help end uncertainty.

Hand-held GPS

SPOT Satellite Messenger is the world's first global satellite tracker dedicated to consumers. SPOT is the first device of its kind to use a revolutionary combination of reliable satellite messaging and GPS location technology. This handheld tracking device uses the GPS satellite system to determine a user's location and the SPOT network to transmit that location and the user's status independently of cellular coverage. Perfect for the safety and tracking of boaters, campers, fishermen, hikers, hunters, pilots, sailors, snowmobilers and the like.

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See Below Who's Using GPS Tracking

+ auto enthusiasts
+ campers
+ anti-theft protection
+ parents of teen drivers
+ couriers
+ municipal managers
+ ATV'ers
+ auto rental managers
+ snow plow drivers
+ firefighters
+ waste removal engineers

+ mobile caregivers
+ adult children of aging parents
+ food delivery service
+ law enforcement
+ tow company managers
+ RV'ers
+ recycling crews
+ EMT's
+ vintage vehicle owners
+ park rangers

...anyone who wishes to ensure the safety and well being of drivers, vehicles, and their cargoes.



Vehicle Tracking GPS
Featuring Affordable GPS Tracking Products Since 2003

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