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The Newest, Best and Most Affordable Vehicle Tracking System for Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealers!

Note: Actually we now have something superior to Bullet for Buy Here Pay Here dealers- Newer Technology, faster with more features at a better price. It's the best product and value I've seen in 12 years in the GPS tracking industry. - SVR Tracking - Click Here!

The Bullet -The Newest and Fastest GPS Tracking and Recovery Device The Industry Has Ever Seen. (Very easy to install). Perfect Real Time Device for Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Dealers. (No monthly monitoring fee)

The Bullet Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker Device

Designed specifically for ease of installation, the Bullet is a practical easy to install solution to improve operating security and peace of mind to the buy here pay here used auto dealer..

This is a GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking device which is simply the fastest device on the market and is easy to install. You can be up and running in just a matter of minutes.

Of course it provides specific intermediate and emergency alerts by phone, email and/or text/cellular.

Features of The Bullet:
Look at all the deluxe features it comes with below:

  • Free Daily Auto Report
  • Just plug into the OBDII port and start tracking (all antennas are internal) (Optional)
  • Locate on Demand
  • Programmable Geo-Fences
  • Seven Day No-Movement Alert
  • Outstanding Alert Notification
  • Quick Map-It Views
  • Last Known Location Displayed
  • Quick View 30-Day History
  • Unlimited History Retention
  • Road, Aerial and Bird's eye Mapping Views
  • Warning Buzzer (Optional- warn when payment overdue)

The demo on the right show how simple it is to locate your vehicles from your account..

There are several option accessories available for the Bullet GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking device. Another is a warning buzzer to remind the driver when payment is due. And another is a battery backup in the event the vehicle loses power.

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GPS tracking technology is a proven business asset. See how THE BULLET will benefit your company.
  1. Fastest Way to Recover Your Collateral
  2. Fastest Shipping Turnaround Times to Anywhere in the United States
  3. Fastest, Most User Friendly Network Infrastructure
  4. Fastest Responding Customer Service
  5. Fastest Locating Device
Key Features of the Bullet GPS Tracker
  • Free Daily Auto Report
  • Comprehensive Device Reporting
  • Locate on Demand
  • trakSMS -(Locate, Enable / Disable Vehicles Using Mobile Phone)
  • Starter Enable/Disable
  • Programmable Geo-Fences
  • Device Commands Event Scheduler
  • Seven Day No-Movement Alert
  • Sub-Account Management
  • Create New Accounts
  • Multiple-User Login
  • Easy Device Transfer
  • Multiple Search Criteria Options
  • Multiple Levels of User Security
  • Trak Transfer
  • Quick Map-It Views
  • Outstanding Alert Notification
  • Last Known Location Displayed
  • Unlimited History Retention
  • Quick View 30-Day History
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth Mapping
  • U.S., Mexico and Canada Mapping
  • Road, Aerial and Bird's eye Mapping Views
  • Warning Buzzer (Optional)
  • Battery Back-up (Optional)
  • Low Battery Voltage Notification (With Battery Back-up)
  • Display Vehicle Speed

More Features and Benefits of the Bullet - Buy Here Pay Here GPS Device

Daily Location Report

The Bullet GPS device will automatically report vehicle location once per day. This location update is stored in the vehicle history and does not deduct locates from a user's account.

Stop Report

The Bullet monitors all stops made by a vehicle during a given time period. This information is collected in a report which can be downloaded and printed by users through our website.


Patented trakSMS™ feature allows users to communicate directly with their GPS unit using the text message function of any cell phone. Users receive the immediate address, speed and direction the unit is heading and are able to send additional commands to lock/unlock doors and disable/enable the starter.

Warning Buzzer

Warning buzzer feature automatically alerts buyers within their vehicle that a payment is due soon. If the alert is ignored and payment is not made, the car can be disabled until the dealer determines to reset. This ensures prompt payments. (Optional Feature)

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Customizable alerts set by the user allow users to receive a text message and/or e-mail notifying them when the unit is in motion, if it has left one of the six customizable geo-fences (which are invisible boundaries set by the user).

State-of-the-Art Mapping and Imaging

The Bullet uses Google Earth to show unit location information in road map, aerial, hybrid (which is the aerial and road map views combined)

Starter Enable/Disable

Owners can send a command to prevent the vehicle from being started at any time. This allows owners to regain control of their vehicle and prevent damage from happening. The vehicle will not disable while in motion.

On-Demand Locating

This feature allows owners at any time to quickly and easily locate their vehicle by simply logging on to the website and pressing the 'Locate' button.

OBDII Wiring Harness (Optional Feature)

This option allows users to perform a simple and fast install. By plugging the device wiring harness into the OBDII port on most of today's vehicles, this harness 'clones' the factory port.

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