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The Number 1 Best and Most Affordable Real Time Vehicle Tracking System (It's as Good as Found)

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Affordable GPS is an established industry leader in the vehicle-based GPS tracking sector, with over 250,000 units in the field. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona - Affordable GPS offers the opportunity for enhanced safety, security, and knowledge by harnessing and utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) and patented MicroBurst technologies.

Affordable GPS is available for use throughout more than 98% of North America, and has been purchased by the private sector, auto dealers, construction companies and other independent and corporate business owners. Our units are accessible in most areas where standard cellular telephone service is available, including The United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Vehicle Tracking GPS has been in business since 2003 Marketing Real Time GPS Tracking and Locating Systems.

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what is GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites, that provide information to a GPS receiver, so that software in the receiver can determine a position in three dimensions (altitude, latitude, and longitude).

Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense for use in precision weapon delivery, the initial satellites were launched between 1974 and 1977. During the Clinton administration, use of the system's additional bandwidth was opened for civilian use. This move, combined with recent advances in personal technologies were the catalyst for an explosive surge in GPS market opportunities and intelligent applications.




Vehicle Tracking GPS
Featuring Affordable GPS Tracking Products Since 2003

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